Jack’s Handyman Services can create the perfect deck for your house!

Many people in Naples, FL enjoy the outdoor space and want to be able to sit in their yards and relax. In order to sit outside in comfort a deck can be added to a house. At Jack’s Handyman Services deck service can create custom decking as an addition to your home or around a pool if so desired. We also can repair existing decks to make sure they are secure and look well. We will also help with the maintenance of the deck.

deck-repairMany homeowners request custom-made decks. Some popular request are decks going all the way around the building. The homeowners in Naples, FL also want to be able to relax on a deck that opens from the second floor of the house. Others request that a desk be built around their pool to lounge around before taking a dip. Jack’s Handyman Services offer free estimates for the project and advise our clients of what supplies will be needed and take measurements.

Sometime existing decks show signs of wear. The wood becomes faded and may start to splinter. We offer deck repair and reconstruction. There is no bleach or corrosive material in the cleaning solutions yet they are powerful enough to restore the entire deck. We also seal existing decks that need a touch up. There are different colors of sealant available to make the deck look fresh again. Some of the deck paints can include an acrylic finish if that is what the customer chooses from a touch of shine. When sealing the deck it will be nailed down in places that seem to becoming loose.

When in need of deck repairs or if you want to add a deck to your home we can help you. Our builders have been working on decks or many years and have the experience needed for a custom job. When looking for a new deck give us a call to discuss your options about our deck service and ask about our free estimates.